Disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline

“Teach On, For Students”


i-Subz is on a journey to show 10 million people by January 2020 how teacher absenteeism is fueling the School-to-Prison Pipeline.


Our Approach, Simply Put #TeachOn 


i-Subz understands that in order to provide consistency in the classroom when a teacher is absent, a quality substitute teacher is needed. i-Subz intends on educating Principals on the importance of a thorough pre-screening and training process, a dependable pool of substitutes who are passionate about their student population, and tracking data when the primary teacher is absent.

Ultimately, their end goal is to have Title 1 Principals use i-Subz as a solution for teacher absenteeism, as quality substitutes are needed for Title 1 Students to succeed.  Through these efforts, a targeted effort will focus specifically on reaching Title 1 Principals who serve low-income students who are at most risk of entering the School-to-Prison Pipeline.


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